Is the Picasso App Safe to Use? Comprehensive Guide 2024

The Picasso app, a streaming application for TV shows, web series, movies, news, sports, and more, has raised concerns regarding its safety among users. It’s important to consider these concerns to evaluate the App’s safety.

While Picasso stands out as a leading streaming app in India, there are some areas of concern, particularly regarding its legal status and user privacy policy. This article explores these aspects, providing insights into whether Picasso is a secure and safe application. Please stick with us until the end to uncover the safety of using Picasso.

Is the Picasso App Safe to Use?

The safety of the Picasso App is questionable, with concerns about data theft and copyright issues. While some users accuse the App of compromising user data security, the developers assert that the Picasso App is entirely legal and prioritizes user privacy. Users must exercise caution and consider these factors when deciding whether to use the App.

Consider the Following Before Using the Picasso App

Source of Download: The Picasso app is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, it must be downloaded from third-party sources like Picassoapp. This aspect raises questions about its safety, as apps not vetted through official channels like the Google Play Store may have security risks​​​​​​.

Copyright and Legality Concerns: The App has faced criticism due to copyright concerns, with some users questioning its legality and safety. However, the app developers claim it is legal and safe​​.

Privacy and Data Security: There have been claims that the Picasso app is involved in information stealing, though the app creators assert that they do not compromise user data privacy. The App requests certain permissions, including access to the gallery, contacts, and location, which might raise privacy concerns​​​​.

Security Notifications: Downloading the App from platforms other than the Google Play Store may result in security notifications warning that the App may not keep your privacy safe​​.

Using the App Safely: To mitigate risks, it is recommended to download the App from a trusted website, use a VPN for privacy, employ reliable antivirus software, and refrain from accessing illegal content​​.


While the Picasso app offers a wide array of content and is liked by many users for its vast library, the fact that it is not available on the Google Play Store and requires downloading from third-party sources raises significant safety concerns. Users should exercise caution and take necessary security measures when using the App.