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Picasso App APK offers free access to movies, online streaming, TV shows, cricket matches, sports, cartoons, and much more, similar to Netflix or Prime. Click the button below to get started.

Version: 10.8.4 |  Size: 17 MB

Picasso App Detail Info

App NamePicasso App
System RequirementsAndroid 4.3 and above
File FormatAPK
Scan StatusNo Malware Detected
Latest Version10.8.4
Total Downloads100+ Million
App size17.2 MB
Last Updated1 hours ago
Picasso App features details

Picasso App Download v10.8.4

Picasso App, with its latest version, v10.8.4, offers users an enhanced and seamless streaming experience. It serves as a one-stop entertainment hub with a wide range of content, including movies, shows, and live sports. 

This Picasso app updates version ensures improved performance, bug fixes, and additional features to make your viewing experience even more enjoyable. Whether you’re a fan of movies, TV series, or cricket, the Pikashow APK continues to deliver free access to premium content. Upgrade to the latest version now and unlock a world of entertainment possibilities.

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What is the Picasso App, and How it Works?

Picasso apk is a third-party multimedia Android application that enables users to access various TV channels, movies, and series. It provides over 1000 live TV channels from different countries and genres, including sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, and movies. Users can also enjoy on-demand content such as movies or series using the Picasso apk — download feature.

Furthermore, the application permits users to access content in various languages and subtitles. A built-in player can also cast the video onto your TV screen for a better viewing experience. With the Picasso TV app, you can now enjoy all your favourite content from anywhere in the world!

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History of Picasso APK App

Picasso APK App is a long-standing Android application that has been available since 2014. Its app portfolio currently includes seven apps and has achieved high rankings on Google in over ten countries. Picasso offers users access to various entertainment, from Hollywood to Bollywood movies and action-packed series. The app’s user-friendly interface makes navigation simple and hassle-free. 

How to Download and Install Picasso App on Phone?

The Picasso App APK isn’t available for download on the Play Store, but you can easily get it on your phone by following these steps:

Step 1: You need to change your phone settings to download an APK file from an unknown source. By default, this setting is turned off. Refer to the screenshot below. Note that this tutorial is based on a Samsung phone; however, other Android phones may have slightly different options, but the settings should be in the same general area.

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Step 2: When you enable the option to install from an unknown source, as explained previously, go to the Picasso app site.

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Step 3: Click the Download Picasso App button, as shown in the screenshot below. Once the download completes, install the app.

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Once installed, the Picasso app offers live TV, cricket matches, TV series, and many other features.

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How to Update the Picasso APK to the Latest Version? 

You won’t receive automatic updates through the Google Play Store when using the Picasso App. To update the app, you’ll need to follow a manual process. Begin by uninstalling the current Picasso app from your mobile device. Then, visit our Picasso App website to check for the latest version’s availability. Click the download button to install the most up-to-date version on your device.

What’s New in the Latest Version 10.8.4?

The latest Picasso app updates, version 10.8.4, brings users a range of exciting updates and enhancements. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of movies, TV shows, and live sports with improved sound quality, offering a more immersive viewing experience. Here are the key highlights of the new features in this Picasso APK update:

Updated Content

Fresh content additions to keep your entertainment options diverse.

Expanded Sports Channels

More sports channels for sports enthusiasts.

Latest Movies

Stay up to date with the newest movie releases.

Web Series Download

Download your favourite web series for offline viewing.

Movie Download

Convenient movie downloads for on-the-go watching.

Bug Fixes

Resolved errors for smoother performance.

In-App Update Notifications

Receive alerts about app updates within the application.

Enhanced Controls

Additional control options for an improved user experience.

Updated Animation Category

Explore the latest additions in the animation category.

New Documentaries

Access the most recent documentaries for your viewing pleasure.

How to Download Picasso App on Smart TV?

Nowadays, smart TVs are becoming increasingly common in households. You may be aware that you usually need to subscribe to a service to access any premium content on a smart TV. However, downloading the Picasso APK on your smart TV allows you to access premium content for free.

To use Picasso on your TV or Fire Stick, follow these steps:

  • Open the Chrome Browser on your Android TV. If your TV does not have Chrome Browser installed, go to the Google Play Store on your smart TV and install it.
  • Search for Picasso apk – download in the Chrome browser.
  • Click on any website from the search results and go to the website.
  • Click on the button to download Picasso.
  • After downloading, install the app on your Smart TV or Fire Stick.
  • Now you can use Picasso on your Smart TV or Fire Stick to watch premium content for free.

Download Picasso for Smart TV

How to Download and Install Picasso on a PC?

As you may already know, the Picasso app is specifically designed for Android users. However, you can still use the Picasso APK on your PC by using Bluestacks.

  • First, download and set up the Bluestacks software on your PC.
  • Open the Bluestacks software on your PC.
  • Download Picasso App on your PC by downloading from our site picassoappz.com.
  • Click on “My Apps” in Bluestacks and then click on “Install apk.”
  • Select the Picasso APK file you downloaded and click “Open.”
  • The Picasso APK will start to be installed on your laptop or computer, and you can now use it on your PC.

Download Picasso for PC

How to Download Picasso App for iOS?

Many people all around the world use iPhones nowadays. As you may already know, the iPhone operates on a different operating system called iOS. To use any app on an iPhone, it must be an iOS-supported app. Installing an Android app on your iPhone is impossible, as you can only install iOS apps. 

Unfortunately, the Picasso app is Android and cannot be used on an iOS phone. Hence, if you want to download the Picasso app on your iPhone, it is possible since there currently needs to be a Picasso app available for iOS.

How to Update the Picasso App to the Latest Version? 

You won’t receive automatic updates through the Google Play Store when using the Picasso App. To update the app, you’ll need to follow a manual process. Begin by uninstalling the current Picasso app from your mobile device. Then, visit our Picasso App website to check for the latest version’s availability. Click the download button to install the most up-to-date version on your device.

Download Picasso APK Old Version

After the new update of Picasso was released, many people updated their app but encountered problems. As a result, some people want to revert to the older version of Picasso APK. We have provided the option to download the previous version of Picasso below to assist them.

Picasso APK Version 10.8.1
Picasso APK Version 10.8.0
Picasso App All Versions

Picasso App APK Key Features Detail

The Picasso App is a highly popular app on the internet that is being used by a large number of mobile users. The app provides a range of useful features that anyone on their mobile or computer can easily utilize. 

To access the features of Picasso APK, one must download the app on their mobile or computer. Once downloaded, users can make use of all the features that are listed below.

Intuitive User Interface

Picasso app boasts an intuitive user interface that’s a breeze to navigate. It operates seamlessly and presents a visually appealing design. A clean and smooth user experience is essential for hassle-free enjoyment.

Huge Collection

The Picasso app has a massive library of movies, tv series and web series. You can find old classics and a wide range of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi tv series released after 2009. They’re neatly sorted by categories, making finding what you want to watch easy.

Adjustable Video Quality

The Picasso app lets you easily change the video quality to suit your preferences. It offers a range of options from 144p to 4K, allowing you to enjoy your content in the quality that best fits your device and internet speed.

Download for Offline Viewing

Picasso understands that internet access can be unpredictable. That’s why it offers a convenient download feature, allowing you to save your favourite movies and shows for offline viewing. This is particularly handy for situations like long flights or areas with limited internet connectivity, ensuring you can enjoy your content whenever and wherever you want.

Unlimited Content Downloads

The Picasso app lets you easily download your favourite movies for offline viewing. Click the download button while streaming a video online, and the movie will be saved for future offline enjoyment. Picasso offers downloads in high-definition (HD) format and MKV format, giving you flexibility in choosing the best quality for your offline collection.

Extensive Live TV Channels

The Picasso app lets you access a wide range of live TV channels. You can enjoy over 150 live TV channels covering diverse categories such as sports, movies, news, Indian serials, cartoons, entertainment, and international TV channels.

Completely Free

The Picasso App APK is free to use, with no need for payments. It operates smoothly even on moderate internet connections.

Chromecast Compatibility

Picasso is also compatible with Chromecast, allowing you to stream content effortlessly from your device to your larger screen. This feature enhances your viewing experience, providing a broader and more immersive way to enjoy your preferred movies and TV shows!

Extensive Content Library

Picasso App boasts an extensive content library featuring thousands of movies and series that are readily accessible. This compact and user-friendly application enables you to indulge in all these movies and series without cost. Seize the chance to relish your beloved content – get the Picasso App on your device today!

Multilingual Subtitles

Picasso app provides a wide range of multilingual subtitles, ensuring viewers can enjoy movies and TV shows in their preferred language without language barriers. It enhances the overall viewing experience.

Safe and Secure

Picasso app is a safe download for mobile devices. It has undergone anti-malware testing to ensure its security, giving users peace of mind knowing that the app won’t harm their devices.

Live Cricket Streaming

Picasso App caters to sports enthusiasts by providing access to live cricket matches, including IPL matches and real-time game updates, all at your fingertips. 

Free Trailers for Movies and Web Series

Picasso App offers free access to trailers for every movie and web series. Trailers provide valuable insights into the content, helping users decide what to watch next. Explore a wide range of trailers and make informed viewing choices.

Ad-Free Experience

Picasso App provides an ad-free experience, allowing users to enjoy movies and TV shows without interruptions. Unlike many streaming platforms, Picasso is free from ads, providing a seamless and distraction-free entertainment experience.

Many more features are available on the Picasso app, which you can read about in detail.

Read all features of the Picasso app

Pros and Cons of Picasso App Apk

Picasso APK is a popular app with a user-friendly interface and a vast library of movies, TV shows, web series, and live sports streaming. While it offers many benefits like free entertainment, easy to use, and video quality adjustment, it also has drawbacks like occasional buffering, lack of customer support, and compatibility issues with some devices. Overall, Picasso APK is a great option for those who want to access different content without paying subscription fees.

Picasso App Pros

If Picasso calls the APK the most useful app in the world, then it will not be wrong because, in this one app, we get to see many premium contents. At Picasso, we find all the pros below that you can use.

  • 500+ Live TV Channels are available
  • 50+ Live Sports Channels available
  • Watch all your favourite TV shows for free
  • Unlimited movies are available for free
  • Millions of the latest web series are available
  • Always free to use
  • Smooth user experience
  • Full HD content viewing option
  • Child-friendly content available
  • 1000+ Premium Content added
  • High-quality audio available in Picasso
  • No need to register to use the Picasso APK
  • Lightweight APK size
  • Picasso APK works smoothly
  • The latest version of Picasso APK is available
  • Regular updates available in the Picasso App
  • Supports FireStick
  • Easy-to-use Interface

Picasso App Cons

Picasso APK also has a few cons, such as occasional advertisements that may interrupt your streaming experience, limited language options, and the possibility of encountering bugs or glitches while using the app. However, overall it provides a great user experience and access to a vast library of free content.

  • Server Error
  • Content loading problem
  • Source Down Issue
  • Non-availability of content older than five years
  • A lot of content download link is unavailable
  • Delay in link updating
  • There are some problems with live content streaming
  • Less Technical Support
  • High internet speed is required
  • Not available for iOS devices

Picasso App Not Working and How to Fix it?

Users may encounter common usage errors while using Picasso despite its advanced technology. These errors can sometimes be resolved without external assistance. Here are some frequently asked questions about the app, along with their solutions:

Why Picasso is not Working: If Picasso is not functioning properly, try uninstalling the older version and downloading the latest one from our website.

Picasso Unable to Connect to Server: This error, typically occurring during sports streams, can often be resolved by refreshing the app multiple times.

Picasso App not Connecting: To resolve this issue, start by resetting your internet connection, as a slow internet speed can often lead to this error.

Picasso App Alternative

Sometimes users may encounter problems while using Picasso app, which may require them to look for an alternative. Server errors are common in Picasso App, which may lead users to search for similar apps. Fortunately, many Picasso alternatives are available on the internet that users can download on their mobile devices or computers. Here are some alternatives to the Picasso app that users can consider.

There are several alternatives to Picasso APK, such as Jio Cinema, ThopTV, Dooflix APK, Oreo TV, Videobuddy APK, Foxi APK, and Nika TV. These apps also provide access to movies, TV shows, web series, and live TV channels and can be downloaded on mobile devices for free. For more detail, read our detail article picasso app alternatives.


Frequently Asked Questions About Picasso App

From how to download the app to troubleshooting common issues, these FAQs will provide you with the information you need to get the most out of Picasso app.

How To Download Picasso App?

The complete process of downloading Picasso app APK has been explained on this page, and you can download it from the link provided in the header.

Can Picasso APK be considered safe?

The safety of Picasso APK cannot be guaranteed as it is a third-party application not available on the official app stores. While it is possible to download and use the app, there is always a risk of malware or other security issues. It is recommended to use caution when downloading and using any third-party app and to use antivirus software to scan the app before installing it on your device.

Is Picasso App available to download for all Android versions?

Yes, Picasso App is available to download for all Android versions. However, it is recommended to download the latest version of the app to ensure that you have the most updated features and bug fixes.

Why is Picasso App Showing Retry?

If you are encountering problems while using an older version of Picasso, downloading and installing the latest version of the Picasso APK may help to resolve the issue.

Do you need a subscription to use the Picasso App?

To use Picasso app, there is no need to subscribe to any premium services as it is a free application.

Why did play protection block Picasso App?

Play Protect has blocked the Picasso app because a majority of the content available on the app is pirated, and the Play Store does not support pirated content.

Are Picasso and Pikashow APK the same?

Yes, Picasso and Pikashow APK are essentially the same. Both applications provide access to live TV programs, sports matches, TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. They serve the same purpose and offer similar features to users.

How to download movies from the Picasso app?

To download movies from the Picasso app, follow these steps:
– Play the movie on your mobile phone with the Picasso app.
– Look for a download button, usually in the screen’s right corner.
– Click on the download button, and a format selection menu should appear.
– Choose your preferred format for the download.
– The download process will begin automatically.
Following these steps, you can easily download movies from the Picasso app for offline viewing.

Can I Watch an IPL match on the Picasso app?

Certainly! You can watch live IPL matches on the Picasso app for free. The app offers a variety of channels that stream live cricket matches.

Can I use the Picasso app on my computer?

You can also use the Picasso app on your computer by installing the computer application version provided. It offers versatility in accessing your favourite content.

What are the system requirements for the Picasso app?

The system requirements for the Picasso app are quite simple. You only need an Android mobile phone with a version higher than Android 4.5; no other specific requirements are necessary. This makes it accessible to a wide range of Android users.

Is the Picasso App available on the Google Play Store?

No, the Picasso App is unavailable on the Google Play Store or any other app store. Currently, it is exclusively available for Android devices.

What kind of movies can be streamed in the picasso app?

In the Picasso app, you can stream various movies and web series, including genres like horror, drama, action, romance, thriller, and documentaries. Additionally, you can access various live channels through the app.

Can we download the Picasso app on Firestick?

Certainly! You can download Picasso on Firestick by following the instructions on this page.

Final Thoughts

Picasso APK download is an excellent option for those who enjoy watching free movies. The app offers a vast collection of movies that can be accessed for free and viewed anytime, even offline after downloading. UNLIKE OTHER STREAMING SERVICES, Picasso APK doesn’t charge subscription fees, making it an attractive option for users. The app has received positive user reviews, and you can enjoy watching your favourite and newly released content for free.

Picasso App APK

Picasso App provides you with access to a vast range of entertainment options. It features a diverse collection of movies, TV shows, and live content, all of which can be streamed seamlessly without any frustrating buffering issues. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy various entertainment options on different devices. Picasso App makes it easy for you to access a world of entertainment.

Price: Free

Operating System: Android 4.3 and above

Application Category: Entertainment

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